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Embassy of Canada to Brazil, in Brasilia

We provide services to Canadians visiting and living in Brazil.

Services and information

Adoption and surrogacy

Process to adopt a child internationally and bring them back to Canada.

Birth abroad

Register a child's birth abroad.

Citizenship services

Steps to become a Canadian citizen. Get proof of citizenship.

Marriage abroad

Requirements, documents and processes for getting married abroad.

Notarial services

Have your documents certified and authenticated.

Passport services

Apply for a passport and what to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged.

Pensions and retirement

Information on pensions and retiring outside of Canada.

Studying abroad

Information on education or research opportunities in foreign countries.

Visa and immigration services

Apply to immigrate. Get a visa to study, work or visit Canada.

Voting abroad

Voting process for Canadians who live abroad.

Office information


SES - Av. das Nações, Quadra 803, Lote 16, 70410-900 Brasília, DF, Brazil

Our representative

Emmanuel Kamarianakis, Ambassador of Canada to Brazil

Emmanuel Kamarianakis
Ambassador of Canada to Brazil

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Office closures

Date Holiday
2024-01-01 New Year's Day
2024-02-12 Carnaval (BR)
2024-02-13 Carnaval (BR)
2024-03-29 Good Friday
2024-04-01 Easter Monday (CA)
2024-05-20 Victoria Day (CA)
2024-08-05 Civic Holiday
2024-09-02 Labour Day
2024-10-14 Thanksgiving Day (CA)
2024-11-15 Proclamation of the Republic (BR)
2024-12-25 Christmas Day
2024-12-26 Boxing Day (CA)
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