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Emmanuel Kamarianakis, Ambassador of Canada to Brazil


I am honoured to represent Canada in Brazil and to contribute to strengthening the ties that unite our countries. The Government of Canada has an important presence in Brazil: the Embassy in Brasília, the Consulate General in São Paulo, the Consulate General in Rio de Janeiro, as well as trade offices in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and Recife and a honorary consulate in Belo Horizonte.

Canada and Brazil share much in common. We are countries with vast territories overflowing with natural resources and important ecosystems. Our countries have well-established democratic institutions and economies anchored on the principles of free and open markets. Our societies are a tapestry of diversity and multiculturalism woven with rich cultural contributions of Indigenous peoples and newcomers. I am convinced that Canada and Brazil can enrich each other by building on these common strengths.

Canada has much to share. It is an important economy that stands out for its knowledge, its excellence in innovation and offers interesting business and investment opportunities to Brazilian companies. I am delighted that so many Brazilians are studying in Canadian education institutions, and that the mobility of people between our countries is now easier than ever before.

In order to know more about Canada's activities in Brazil, I invite you have a look through our website. I also invite you to follow us on Facebook @CanadainBrazil, on Twitter @CanadaBrazil and on Instagram @canadabra.

Emmanuel Kamarianakis
Ambassador of Canada to Brazil


Ambassador Emmanuel Kamarianakis (BComm, University of Calgary, 1993) joined External Affairs and International Trade Canada in 1993. In Ottawa, Mr. Kamarianakis was a foreign and defence policy analyst in the Privy Council Office from 2006 to 2008 with responsibility for Latin America and the Caribbean and was chief of staff to the deputy minister of international trade from 2008 to 2010. He has served abroad in Mexico as counsellor (commercial), in Greece as senior trade commissioner, in Iran as third and second secretary (commercial) and in Rome as minister-counsellor (commercial) at the Canadian embassy. He was also consul general of Canada in Dubai from 2015 to 2018. Mr. Kamarianakis was most recently director general of investment, innovation and education at Global Affairs Canada’s Headquarters.

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