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Government of Canada services and information in São Paulo, Brazil

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Services and information provided to Canadians by the Consulate General of Canada to Brazil, in São Paulo.

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Adoption and surrogacy

Refer to International adoption.

See below the general requirements for adoption process in Brazil:

  • The candidate has to be 18 years old or older
  • Present yourself to a Vara da Infância e Juventude (Youth Court)
  • File out an application with personal information and supporting documents
  • Criminal and judicial records check are required for the applicant(s).
  • After information is submitted, a judge will analyse the application to ensure the legal requirements were met. The candidates will be called for an interview and, if approved, will be included in a National Registration list which is organized in chronological order. The candidate can adopt in any part of Brazil through the unique registration list. When a child or teenager is eligible for adoption, the couple registered will be called.
  • The time frame may vary significantly from case to case. It will depend mostly on the characteristics they chose for the child (age, sex, siblings).

Adoption by a foreigner:

  • Impossibility of adoption by proxy
  • The probationary phase must be accomplished in Brazil. If the adoptive parents reside abroad and child is minor than 2 years old, the term will be set in 15 days, at least. Should the child be older, the term will set in a minimum of 30 days.
  • The adoptive parent must present a document issued by the authorities of his/her domicile country, attesting his/her capability and non-impediment to adopt, and that the adoption is in accordance with the law in his/her country.
  • The adoptive parent must present a psychological/sociological study prepared by an accredited and specialized agency from his/her country of origin.
  • All documents in a foreign language have to be translated to Portuguese by a sworn translator and authenticated by the consular authority and in compliance with International Treaties and Conventions.
  • The exit of the minor from Brazil will be authorized only after the conclusion of the adoption process.


In Brazil there are no laws regarding surrogacy. There are in place certain provisions from the local Medical Council and National Justice Council. The procedure is called Solidarity Belly (“Barriga solidária”) as it can not be charged and the process can only be done involving relatives until 4th degree (mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts until 3rd degree and cousins until 4th degree). For any different situation an authorization from the Medical Council is needed. The couples who are interested in such procedures have to look for a lawyer and submit documents such as consent terms regarding the biopsychosocial aspects, risks during pregnancy and puerperal period and legal aspects of filiation. A medical report with the psychological profile of all involved is required. A consent from the spouse of the surrogate will be needed, should the surrogate be married

Birth abroad

Refer to Birth abroad.

Registration has to be completed with local notary public/Civil Registry for every child born in Brazil. A birth certificate is issued in Portuguese. The first original is issued at no cost.

The Brazilian Constitution provides that all born in Brazil are Brazilian citizens even when the parents are foreigners (Jus Soli – nationality is acquired based on the territory where the individual was born). The exception for this rule is if parents are in Brazil working for their countries (such as accredited diplomats).

Citizenship services

Complete your citizenship application before booking an appointment to present your documents in person.

Payment method

Pay your application fees online.

Details Fee (CAD) Fee (BRL)
Application for a Citizenship Certificate for adults and minors (Proof of Citizenship) 75.00 315.00

Marriage abroad

Refer to Marriage abroad.

The local notary publics/Civil Registries are responsible for registering marriages in Brazil. As there may be variation between the requirements from one notary to another, we encourage clients to approach the notary public closest to their residence for a list of required documents.

Notarial services

Please note that notarial service requests are assessed on a case by case basis. Notarial services may be provided only when there are no local options available and when resources are sufficient to respond to such requests.

Please visit for additional information specific to the Government of Canada office abroad you will be visiting.

Payment method

Credit card (charged in Canadian dollars only): Use the credit card authorization form and submit it with your application. 

Bank deposits: Payments may be made by a cash deposit in Reais (R$) to the “Consulado Geral do Canadá”. The payment should be completed no more than 5 business days before your application is submitted at Banco Bradesco (Bank number: 237 / Branch number: 2574 / Bank account number: 0020262-2/ CNPJ: 03.765.760/0001-88). The original detailed deposit receipt must be enclosed with your application as proof of payment. Copies will not be accepted. Bank deposit at the counter (ATM Deposits are not an accepted payment option).

Online transfer: For online bank transfers (DOC or TED), the payment must be completed at least 1 business day before submitting your application to the Diplomatic mission. Please transfer the funds to Banco Bradesco (Bank number: 237 / Branch number: 2574 / Bank account number: 0020262-2/ CNPJ: 03.765.760/0001-88). Original proof of transfer must be submitted with the documents.

Please contact the Consulate for information about mailing services and fees.

Details Fee (CAD) Fee (BRL)
Authenticating (witnessing) a signature. The fee shown is per document. 50.00 210.00
Certifying a true copy of a document. The fee shown is per copy. 20.00 85.00
Providing a Passport Canada CTC. The fee shown is per set of three copies. 45.00 190.00
Statutory declaration in lieu of guarantor - form pptc132 50.00 210.00

Passport services

You can pay online for all your passport services before completing your passport application.

Book an appointment to present your documents in person.

Payment method

Pay online for all your passport services.

Details Fee (CAD) Fee (BRL)
10-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 260.00 1090.00
5-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 190.00 795.00
5-year Child passport (0-15 years of age) 100.00 420.00
Additional fee for replacing a valid lost or stolen passport 45.00 190.00
Emergency Travel Document (one trip) - Adult 75.00 315.00
Passport - Retention 45.00 190.00

Pensions and retirement

Refer to Retiring abroad.

Studying abroad

Refer to Studying abroad and EduCanada.

Visa and immigration services

Voting abroad

Refer to Elections (voting from abroad).

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