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Government of Canada services and information in Bogotá, Colombia

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Services and information provided to Canadians by the Embassy of Canada to Colombia, in Bogotá.

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Adoption and surrogacy

Refer to International adoption.

Birth abroad

Refer to Children born outside of Canada.

Child abduction

The entity in charge of children and adolescents in Colombia is the ICBF, for information about its services and contact visit Atención y Servicios Ciudadanía | Portal ICBF - Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar ICBF

Citizenship services

Children born abroad to a Canadian mother / father*

(*for children born on or after April 17, 2009, the Canadian mother or father must have been born in Canada or must have been granted Canadian citizenship after immigrating to Canada.)

If you are a Canadian citizen and would like to apply for a certificate of Canadian citizenship for your child born abroad, please download form CIT0001.

The application must be supported by the following documents:

  1. The child's Colombian birth certificate and its translation into English or French by an official translator. For information on local official translators please consult internet.
  2. The mother's and/or father's proof of Canadian citizenship (Canadian birth certificate or citizenship card). The father or mother must have been Canadian at the time of the child's birth.
  3. Two pieces of identity from the parent applying or from the child if available. If there is no ID for the child, submit a letter explaining why.
  4. Two citizenship photos. Photo instructions are attached to the form. It is your responsibility to check that the photos comply with the specifications. Please note that specifications differ from those of passport photos.
  5. Fee $75 CAD. Pay online.
  6. Processing time: 15 months

Dual Citizenship

Please note that if your child was born in Colombia, he/she is most probably a local national and therefore he/she will have to leave the country bearing both the Colombian and the Canadian passport.

Please note that Colombian children are subject to local regulations applicable to the exit of minors from Colombia. For detailed information regarding the requirements for Colombian minors to leave the country please consult Migracion Colombia (in Spanish).

For additional information on Canadian citizenship, visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Receiving your Citizenship certificate by mail:

If you would like to receive your documents by registered mail, contact the consular section for instructions.

Your documents can also be returned using one of these 2 options:

  • Directly delivered at the Embassy to the applicant;
  • Directly delivered at the Embassy to a third party duly authorized through a letter signed by the applicant and written in English or French;

Payment method

Pay your application fees online.

Details Fee (CAD)
Application for a Citizenship Certificate for adults and minors (Proof of Citizenship) 75.00
Replacement / Update of proof of Canadian citizenship 75.00

Marriage abroad

Refer to Marriage outside Canada.

Colombian authorities only accept the Single status affidavit obtained directly in Canada. This is a document sworn before a notary or other authorized official in Canada that indicates that the person is single.

In order to be accepted by the Colombian authorities for marriage purposes, the Single status affidavit must be apostilled. For information on how to apostille your document, please see the Notarial Services section below.

Notarial services

New: Canada joined the Apostille Convention, and it came into effect on January 11, 2024. The new Apostille process now replaces the legalization services previously available at this office.

This office provides certain notarial services (fees apply), to Canadian documents only. Please contact us at before booking an appointment.

Print and sign the credit card authorization form (.pdf) and bring it with you to your appointment.

Canadian documents to be used for any legal purpose in Colombia

In Canada

Please consult Changes to authentication services in Canada for information on how to apply and obtain an apostille for your Canadian document.

In Colombia

This office can only issue apostilles for certain Canadian original documents, such as long form birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates from any province/territory or RCMP criminal records issued in Ottawa*. A scanned copy of the document should be sent to this office at beforehand to ensure the service can be provided.

*Non-exhaustive list

Colombian documents to be used for any legal purposes in Canada

Canadian law does not require the authentication or apostille of foreign public documents before they can be used in Canada. However, some individuals or institutions in Canada may require it.

Colombia is also a member of the Apostille Convention. You can apply for an apostille at the Cancillería (Spanish and English).

Note: Canadian authorities do not authenticate/apostille foreign documents, even if they have been notirized by a Canadian notary or notary public.

Other notarial services

Attestation of signatures / affidavits

On a case-by-case basis, a consular officer may witness /attest your signature on a document to be presented in Canada (appointment required).

A scanned copy of the document must be sent to the Embassy at beforehand to ensure the service can be provided.

The Embassy does not offer certain services which can be provided by notaries public. Check the list of local providers.

Note: Complete all documents before booking an appointment. Sign all documents in front of the consular officer.

Payment method

Credit card accepted. Please complete and sigh the credit card authorization form and attach it to your service request.

Details Fee (CAD)
Attesting any document bearing a signature (affidavit, declaration, affirmation, etc.). The fee shown is per document. 50.00
Certifying a true copy of a document. The fee shown is per copy. 20.00
Providing a Passport Canada CTC. The fee shown is per set of three copies. 45.00

Passport services

Refer to our Service fees section to pay online before completing your passport application.

Book an appointment to present your documents in person.

Lost or stolen passports

Report the situation to the Government of Canada:

  • by email at or
  • by phone at (57-601) 657-9800
  • If consular officers are unavailable to take your call, it is advisable you leave a message detailing your name, contact information, the situation, your expected travel date and destination/itinerary. Consular officers will cancel your passport to avoid identity theft.

Report the situation to Colombian authorities:

For the city of Bogota, you may contact:

Estación de Policía de Usaquén

Address CALLE 165 # 8 A -43

Phone +57 601 678-4927

Estación de Policía Aeropuerto El Dorado

Address Calle 26 Nº 116-87

Phone +57 601 413-8650

For other cities, please contact the Colombian National Police who will refer you to the appropriate station:

Colombian National Police

Phone +57 601 515-9111 / 9112

Toll free number: 018000-910600


Receiving your passport by mail:

If you would like to receive your new passport and/or other documents by registered mail, contact the consular section for instructions.

Your documents can also be returned using one of these 2 options:

  • Directly delivered at the Embassy to the applicant;
  • Directly delivered at the Embassy to a third party duly authorized through a letter signed by the applicant and written in English or French;

Entry stamp

If your lost / stolen passport is replaced by the Embassy, the new passport will not bear the entry stamp into Colombia. Therefore, you will have to obtain an exit permit (Salvo Conducto) at an Immigration office (Migración Colombia) located at the airport or another port of exit.

Passports lost then found

Please note that as soon as you report the loss or theft of your Canadian passport to the Canadian government, it will be cancelled. If you then find it, you will not be able to use it. You will have to return it to the Embassy and apply for a replacement.

Stolen air ticket

If your air ticket was not an electronic ticket and was stolen/ lost, you must contact the airline directly.

Lost/stolen credit cards

If you need to report lost or stolen credit cards, you must contact your bank directly.

Payment method

Pay online for all your passport services.

Details Fee (CAD)
10-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 260.00
5-year adult passport (age 16 or over) 190.00
5-year Child passport (0-15 years of age) 100.00
Additional fee for replacing a valid lost or stolen passport 45.00
PPT- Observation 45.00
PPT-Special Stamp 45.00
Retention of a Valid passport 45.00
Pay online

Pensions and retirement

Refer to Benefits for Canadians living abroad and Retiring abroad.

The Embassy of Canada does not issue Canadian pension certificates.

Studying abroad

Refer to Studying abroad and EduCanada.

Visa and immigration services

Refer to Travel documents – Visas.

Permanent residents of Canada: Find out how to apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD).

Voting abroad

Refer to Voting in an election while outside Canada.

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