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Canada-the Republic of Congo relations

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Bilateral relations

Canada is engaged in the Republic of Congo through diplomacy, international assistance and trade. Canada contributes to the Republic of Congo's development through its international assistance program and in close collaboration with civil society and Canada's international partners. In 2016, the Congolese diaspora in Canada was estimated to be 2,765 people.

Canada and the Republic of Congo established diplomatic relations in 1962 under the responsibility of the High Commissioner for Canada in Cameroon, not long after the Republic of Congo gained independence in 1960. Since 1968, the Embassy of Canada to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Kinshasa has been accredited to the Republic of Congo.

In 2018, the Republic of Congo appointed a resident ambassador to Canada who represents the country in Canada. Prior to this appointment, the Embassy of the Republic of Congo in Washington, D.C., in the United States, represented the country in Canada. The Embassy of the Republic of Congo to Canada (French only) opened in Ottawa in 2020. The current ambassador is Roger Julien Menga. The Republic of Congo also has an honorary consulate in Toronto.

Students from the Republic of Congo in Canada

In the 2018 to 2019 fiscal year, 519 students from the Republic of Congo studied in Canada.

Trade relations

In 2020, trade between Canada and the Republic of Congo amounted to $15.56 million.

In 2020, exports from Canada to the Republic of Congo reached $12.66 million. Canada mainly exports machinery, electrical equipment, transportation equipment, animal products, textiles, metals, optical devices and instruments, chemical industry products and plastics.

In 2020, imports to Canada from the Republic of Congo amounted to $2.89 million. Canada mainly imports wood products, pearls and precious metals, coffee and spices.

There is no data on the Republic of Congo's foreign direct investments in Canada or on Canada's foreign direct investments in the Republic of Congo.

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During the 2020-2021 fiscal year (April 1 to March 31), Canada's international assistance to the Republic of Congo totalled $5.19 million in funding, of which $3.96 million came from Global Affairs Canada. This funding has been provided primarily through multilateral programs and partnerships with Canadian organizations. Canada's international assistance to the Republic of Congo is aligned with the areas of action of Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy.

Through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), Canada funds projects in the Republic of Congo that are implemented by local organizations and have a significant impact at the community level. In addition, through additional CFLI funds for the COVID-19 response, $500,000 was allocated to the Republic of Congo to purchase and transport medical equipment, obtain medicines and train personnel for the treatment of acute cases of COVID-19, to build the capacity of women's groups particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and to limit the risk of malnutrition among children. Canada also provides scholarships to the Republic of Congo through the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program.

For more information on development projects that involve the Republic of Congo, please visit Global Affairs Canada's Project Browser.

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Partnerships and organizations

To develop effective responses to today’s most pressing global challenges, Canada and the Republic of Congo work closely in multilateral fora, such as:

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