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Consulting Canadians on a possible Canada-China free trade agreement

Today’s modern, interconnected economy requires a more inclusive and progressive approach to international trade that reflects the views and priorities of Canadians. Trade means more growth, and more growth means more jobs for our middle class and those working hard to join it.

Expanding our trade with large, fast-growing markets is a priority. As the world’s second-largest economy, China presents many new opportunities for increased trade in goods and services, and investment. To this end, we have started exploratory discussions on the potential of launching negotiations toward a free trade agreement (FTA).

In parallel, the Government of Canada is asking the Canadian public and interested Canadian stakeholders to help define Canada’s interests in a possible FTA with China, and identify ways of maximizing the economic and social benefits of such an agreement. We want to hear from you and we commit to providing feedback on what we are hearing from you. The Government of Canada is committed to hearing from Canadians on this important subject and will ensure that Canadians continue to have the opportunity to provide their views as we engage with China, including through additional consultations in the event that Canada and China decide to move to formal FTA negotiations.

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