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Export of items listed on the Export Control List to Hong Kong

Serial No. 1003
Date: July 7, 2020

Canada is deeply concerned by the passage of national security legislation for Hong Kong by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China. This legislation was enacted in a secretive process, without the participation of Hong Kong’s legislature, judiciary or people, and in violation of international obligations.

Accordingly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that, effective July 3, 2020: “Canada will treat exports of sensitive goods to Hong Kong in the same way as those destined for China. Canada will not permit the export of sensitive military items to Hong Kong.”

In order to ensure that sensitive items are not exported to Hong Kong, Global Affairs Canada will closely scrutinize all export permit applications for items to Hong Kong, and will deny permits that are not in line with Canada’s domestic and international legal obligations, foreign policy or security interests.

Global Affairs Canada will continue to monitor the evolving situation and may reassess the above decision in light of changes on the ground.

Exporters will be advised of any new developments with respect to export permits to Hong Kong.

For further information, please contact the Export Controls Division at Global Affairs Canada by phone or email: 613-996-2387 /

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