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C-5: Aluminum Products General Information

Aluminum Products

Aluminum products: alloyed and not alloyed unwrought aluminum products, and wrought aluminum products limited to bars, rods, profiles, wires, plates, sheets, strips, foils, tubes and pipes, tube and pipe fittings and other articles of castings and forgings referred to in item 83 of the Import Control List and described hereunder.

Type of Control: Surveillance from all sources.

Unit of measure: Kilogram (KGM)


  1. The first six (6) digits of the codes for aluminum products are in agreement with the international Harmonized System nomenclature.
  2. The first 10 digits of the code are an exact match to the current Harmonized-System-based Canadian import classification at the 10-digit level used for customs and statistical purposes.
  3. The last four digits are always zero in the codes used for aluminum.
  4. The list of Harmonized System codes covered by the Aluminum Import Monitoring Program may be found in the section C6.
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