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Dispute resolution and promotion of responsible business conduct

Providing access to dispute resolution mechanisms

Many of Canada’s responsible business conduct efforts aim to encourage constructive relations between companies and their stakeholders. When necessary, Canada can help facilitate dialogue and resolve disputes through two mechanisms:

Canada’s National Contact Point

Canada's National Contact Point for responsible business conduct under the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises  (NCP) – established over 20 years ago – is mandated to promote the OECD Guidelines and offers facilitated dialogue and mediation for all sectors and for a wide range of issues, including:

The NCP is an eight-member interdepartmental committee. Global Affairs Canada chairs the NCP and hosts the NCP Secretariat.

Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise

The first Canadian Ombudsperson for Responsible Enterprise (CORE), Ms. Sheri Meyerhoffer, was appointed in April 2019. Her mandate includes:

The Government of Canada expects that Canadian companies will participate in good faith with the NCP or CORE dispute resolution process. If a Canadian company has not acted in good faith during the course of, or follow-up to, the review process, the CORE or NCP can recommend implementing trade measures. These include the withdrawal of future trade support and recommending that Export Development Canada and the Canadian Commercial Corporation withdraw future  support.

On October 4, 2022 the Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade issued a Statement of Priorities and Accountabilities to outline the Government of Canada's key expectations for the Office of the CORE.

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