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Meeting of the CETA committee on agriculture and Canada-European Union agriculture dialogue – 6 October 2022

(by videoconference)


CETA committee on agriculture

  1. Welcome, introduction and committee business
  2. CETA implementation
    • 2.1. Review of bilateral trade performance
    • 2.2 Canadian Hops Certification in EU (for information)
    • Canada issues
    • 2.3. EU beef and pork TRQ’s
    • 2.4 Impact on WTO TRQ’s Post-Brexit
    • EU issues
    • 2.5 Canadian cheese TRQ management – update on TRQ review
    • 2.6 Cheese TRQ’s (CETA and WTO) and impact of Brexit
  3. Other trade issues
    • EU issues
    • 3.1. CAN milk pricing and cheese compositional standards
    • Canada issues
    • 3.2. EU Commission report on the application of health and environmental standards to agri-food products
    • 3.3. EU deforestation policy
    • 3.4.Contaminants and pesticides
    • 3.5. EU inception impact assessment on food labelling
    • 3.6. EU veterinary medicinal products regulation
  4. Any other business
  5. Action items – including reporting to CETA committee on trade in goods
  6. Time and venue of next meeting

Canada-European Union agriculture dialogue

  1. Canada-EU agriculture dialogue workshops update
  2. Food security in the context of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
  3. Update on compensation for Canadian Dairy Producers linked to FTAs
  4. Update on progress regarding Canada’s Climate Change Plan and Considerations for Emissions Reductions in the Agriculture Sector and information on recent agricultural Policy developments. on Member State CAP Strategic Plans
  5. Update on Member State CAP Strategic Plans
  6. Update on the Legislative framework for Sustainable Food Systems


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