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Find guides, tools, videos and contacts to help your business navigate the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and expand into the EU market.

Tariff info and tools

Find a trade commissioner

Get expert advice, key contacts and more from trade commissioners in Canada and Europe. They can help you take advantage of CETA.

Funding and support programs

Explore funding programs to help take your products or services to the EU market.

Read our exporting guides

Step-by-step guide to exporting

Prepare your business to export with guidance from the Trade Commissioner Service (TCS).

Exporting to the EU – A guide for Canadian business

Discover everything you need to know to prepare to export to the EU.

Exporting services to the European Union

Gain practical knowledge about exporting your services to the EU.

Six steps to CE marking

Learn about the mandatory CE mark needed to sell certain products in Europe from this Trade Commissioner Service resource.

Research your markets

Country and sector information

Research your EU target markets. Access up-to-date reports on markets and sectors worldwide.

Trade missions and events

Join a trade mission or event to explore EU markets and make international contacts.

Canada Tariff Finder

Quickly and easily search for tariff rates in markets where Canada has a free trade agreement.

Watch our CETA videos

Preferential tariffs

Learn how CETA helps Canadian companies export products duty-free.

Rules of origin

CETA gives you preferential tariff access to the EU if your product meets the applicable rules of origin under the agreement. This means most products can be exported duty-free.

Temporary entry

Find out how CETA makes it easier for Canadians to work temporarily in the EU.

Government procurement

CETA gives Canadian companies a competitive edge when bidding on EU government contracts.

Tools and guides from our partners

The basics of exporting: A step-by-step guide

Get an introduction to exporting from Export Development Canada.

Exporting goods from Canada: A handy guide

Learn what to consider before exporting from the Canada Border Services Agency.

Other programs and services to help you

Federal, provincial and territorial governments and agencies are working to help your company succeed. Find out who’s doing what.

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