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CETA Questions & Answers

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Q1. What is the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)?

Q2. Why is it important for Canada to have a free trade agreement with the EU?

Q3. Why is CETA a “gold-standard” agreement?

Q4. When will Canadians see the benefits of the CETA?

Q5. What is provisional application?

Q6. When will full application take place?

Q7. How have the provinces and territories been involved in CETA?

Note: Provinces and territories were not required to approve CETA in their legislatures in order for the Government of Canada to implement the agreement. For more information about how CETA will benefit a certain region or sector, please see other material in the kit.

Q8. How do I know if the EU is a good export market for my business?

Q9. What advantages does CETA provide my business?

Q10. How do I know if my product will be tariff free under CETA?

Q11. How would I go about exporting to the EU?

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