Opportunities and Benefits of CETA for Canada’s Aerospace Exporters

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Why export to the EU?

How does CETA benefit Canadian aerospace product exporters?

Ata glance: EU tariff elimination under CETA
Pre-CETA  Tariff Footnote *Under CETA
Suborbital and spacecraft launch vehicles4.2%0%
Aircraft launching gear and parts thereof2.7%0%
Air combat simulators1.7%0%


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Compared to EU 2016 MFN tariffs

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Other non-CETA related aspects to keep in mind when exporting aerospace products to the EU

Temporary entry

Government procurement

Regulatory cooperation and conformity assessment

Top 5 Suppliers of Aerospace Products to the EU% of Import Market Share
United States72.3%
Canada (2nd)4.6%

Source: Eurostat (2018)

Under CETA, Canadian exporters of aerospace products can now enjoy the advantages created from the agreement over competitors based in countries that do not have a preferential trade agreement in force with the EU.

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