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Opportunities and Benefits of CETA for Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Exporters

How does CETA benefit Canadian agriculture and agri-food exporters?

Under CETA, almost 94% of EU agriculture lines Table Note * have become duty-free:Many EU lines Table Note *will be
progressively phased out over
7 Years:
  • Durum Wheat (up to 148 €/tonne)
  • Rye & Barley Grain (up to 93 €/tonne)
  • Common Wheat, low-medium quality (up to 95 €/tonne)
  • Sweet Corn, frozen (5.10% + 9.40€/ 100kg)
  • Oats (89 €/tonne)
Tariff Rate Quota Table Note * (TRQ) established for…
  • Beef (50,000 tonnes) 5 year phase-in
  • Pork (80,549 tonnes) 5 year phase-in
  • Bison (3,000 tonnes) Immediate
  • Sweet Corn, processed (8,000 tonnes) 5 year phase-in
  • Common Wheat (100,000 tonnes) Immediate Table Note ***

CETA rules of origin matter

Other non-CETA related aspects to keep in mind when exporting agriculture and agri-food products to the EU

Under CETA, Canadian exporters of agriculture and agri-food products can now enjoy the advantages created from the agreement over competitors based in countries that do not have a preferential trade agreement in force with the EU.

For more detail on how CETA benefits your company, contact a Trade Commissioner today.

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