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Doing business in the European Union

CETA’s broad scope—including improved access to EU markets for goods and services; greater market transparency and stability; and new opportunities in EU procurement markets—translates into real benefits for Canadians businesses. Learn how to make the most of opportunities available for your business through the agreement and get access to resources that will smooth your path to this lucrative market.

How to do business in the EU

Find out how to use CETA to your advantage and what you need to consider when doing business in the EU. Get information about funding, market research, contacts and more.

Learn about CETA benefits for businesses

Put Europe on your radar. Discover how CETA sets your company up for success in the EU.

Find tariff information by country and product

Search for tariff information by country and product. Use the Canada Tariff Finder for countries that have a free trade agreement with Canada.

Fill out a declaration of origin form

Fill out a CETA declaration of origin form if it is applicable to your product. This step is essential to obtaining preferential tariff treatment and gives your product a competitive advantage under CETA.

Access tools for business

Get resources to help your company succeed in the EU, including exporting guides, videos and programs to support your global growth.

Explore key sectors

Do your research before entering a new market. Discover essential information about 12 key sectors in the EU, from aerospace to pharmaceuticals.

Guides to temporary entry under CETA

The main steps for work permit and visa applications for Canadian business people temporarily travelling to the EU for business.

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