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What does the CPTPP mean for electronic commerce? 


Canada is committed to encouraging electronic commerce as a means of facilitating trade. Canada strives to create an environment of certainty for Canadian consumers and businesses that engage in electronic commerce. 

The CPTPP aims to: 

Electronic commerce and the CPTPP

Through the CPTPP, member countries have agreed to a set of rules that will facilitate economic growth and trade opportunities fostered by electronic commerce. These rules will also address the latest barriers to electronic trade. 

The rules include commitments that will build trust and confidence in the use of electronic commerce, and enhance the viability of the digital economy. The rules will help businesses of all sizes by: 

How the CPTPP will benefit Canadians 

Commitments in Chapter 14 - Electronic Commerce address barriers that consumers and businesses trading in the electronic environment face, such as restrictions on the movement of information across borders. The commitments address barriers without compromising the protection of consumers and personal information.

The CPTPP’s chapter on electronic commerce ensures that Canadian companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises, will be able to take advantage of expanding online commercial opportunities.

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