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What does the CPTPP mean for temporary entry? 


Business people sometimes face obstacles at the border that affect their ability to enter another market to engage in trade and investment activities. Temporary entry provisions in free trade agreements (FTAs), such as those in the CPTPP, eliminate many barriers encountered at the border and thereby facilitate business travel or relocation on a temporary basis for specific categories of business persons. Removal of these barriers—which can negatively affect the ability of Canadian enterprises to do business—helps Canadian companies expand and thrive.

Temporary entry in the CPTPP

Key CPTPP provisions

Canada’s CPTPP commitments aim to increase opportunities and support economic growth for Canadians and Canadian businesses. The commitments are also consistent with Canada’s existing immigration requirements and the approach taken in other free trade agreements.

Canada has taken commitments in the CPTPP that aim to support and enhance opportunities for Canadian businesses. These commitments cover the following categories of business persons and are based on the principle of reciprocity:

The principle of reciprocity means that the access Canada grants to other CPTPP parties will be the same as the access Canada receives from those parties. Reciprocity protects and strengthens the opportunities available to Canadian businesses and business persons under the CPTPP.

Canada’s reciprocal commitments

The CPTPP commitments aim to facilitate temporary entry for these four specific categories of business people. They do so by eliminating numerical restrictions (such as quotas) and economic needs tests (such as labour market tests, known in Canada as labour market impact assessments). Canada will make a reciprocal commitment to another CPTPP country only after that country makes a similar commitment to Canada. In practice, this reciprocity means:

Canada also received new market access commitments from Australia, Brunei, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand and Peru. This means that, as a result of the CPTPP, certain Canadian business persons entering those markets are ensured greater certainty and predictability.

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