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About tariff elimination under the CPTPP

The CPTPP incorporates the tariff outcomes contained in the original TPP Agreement. The elimination of tariffs under the CPTPP now provides Canadian exporters across a broad range of sectors with new opportunities in key markets, including Japan, and Vietnam. Most tariff lines became duty-free when the Agreement entered into force for each CPTPP country. Tariffs on other goods will be eliminated gradually over “phase-out” periods, which vary by country and are detailed in each country’s respective tariff elimination schedules (see Annex 2-D of the Agreement for the tariff elimination schedules of each CPTPP country).Footnote 1

Consult the Canada Tariff Finder to explore tariff information for the CPTPP market, and other countries with which Canada has a free trade agreement.

Overall tariff elimination under the CPTPP

Tariff elimination schedules

Tariff elimination for Vietnam, Peru, and Malaysia

Tariff elimination for subsequent ratifying countries

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