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Doing business in North America

Learn how to make the most of the opportunities available for your business through the CUSMA.

Grow your business in North America

How to use CUSMA to your advantage, what you need to consider when expanding your business in North America including funding, market research and useful contacts.

Tools and resources for businesses

Get resources to help your company succeed in the CUSMA region, including exporting guides and programs to support your global growth.

Resources for trading across North America

Use the Canada Tariff Finder and consult notices and information for trading across North America.

Exporting commercial goods

National policies, processes, procedures, regulations and legislation.

CUSMA declaration of origin

Learn how to complete a declaration of origin if it is applicable to your product. This step is essential to obtaining preferential tariff treatment and gives your product a competitive advantage under CUSMA.

CUSMA: What importers need to know

Resources for importing CUSMA-eligible goods into Canada.

Importing goods into Canada

Guidance, reporting requirements, advance rulings, valuation and more.

CUSMA benefits for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Learn how to make the most of opportunities available for your small or medium sized business through CUSMA.

Guides to temporary entry under CUSMA

The main steps for work permit and visa applications for Canadian business people temporarily travelling to Mexico or the United States for business.

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