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Canada-Honduras Free Trade Agreement

Chapter Twenty: Transparency

Section A – Publication, Notification and Administration of Domestic Law

Article 20.1: Definitions

For the purposes of this Section:

administrative ruling of general application means an administrative ruling or interpretation that applies to persons and fact situations that fall within the general scope of that ruling or interpretation and that establishes a norm of conduct, but does not include:

Article 20.2: Contact Points

Each Party shall designate, within 60 days of the entry into force of this Agreement, a contact point to facilitate communications between the Parties on a matter covered by this Agreement. At the request of the other Party, the contact point shall identify the office or official responsible for the matter and assist, as necessary, in facilitating communication between the Parties.

Article 20.3: Publication

1. Each Party shall ensure that its laws, regulations, procedures and administrative rulings of general application respecting a matter covered by this Agreement are promptly published or otherwise made available in such a manner as to enable interested persons and the other Party to become acquainted with them.

2. To the extent possible, each Party shall:

Article 20.4: Notification and Provision of Information

1. To the extent possible, each Party shall notify the other Party of any actual or proposed measure that the Party considers might materially affect the operation of this Agreement or otherwise substantially affect the other Party’s interests under this Agreement.

2. At the request of the other Party, a Party shall promptly provide information and respond to questions pertaining to an actual or proposed measure, even if the other Party was previously notified of that measure.

3. Any notification or information provided under this Article is without prejudice as to whether the measure is consistent with this Agreement.

Article 20.5: Administrative Proceedings

In order to administer measures of general application affecting matters covered by this Agreement in a consistent, impartial, and reasonable manner, each Party shall ensure that in its administrative proceedings applying measures referred to in Article 20.3 to particular persons, goods, or services of the other Party in specific cases:

Article 20.6: Review and Appeal

1. Each Party shall, regarding matters covered by this Agreement, establish or maintain procedures or judicial, quasi-judicial, or administrative tribunals for:

2 .Each Party shall ensure that the tribunals or those that administer the procedures referred to in paragraph 1 are impartial and independent of the office or authority entrusted with administrative enforcement and do not have a substantial interest in the outcome of the matter.

3. Each Party shall ensure that the parties to the proceeding have the following rights in regard to the tribunals or procedures referred to in paragraph 1:

4. Each Party shall ensure, subject to appeal or further review as provided in its domestic law, that the decision referred to in paragraph 3(b) is implemented by, and governs the practice of the competent office or authority.

Section B – Anti-Corruption

Article 20.7: Definitions

For the purposes of this Section:

act or refrain from acting in relation to the performance of official duties includes use of the official’s position within the official’s authorized competence;

foreign public official means:

official of a public international organization means an international civil servant or a person who is authorized by a public international organization to act on its behalf;

public function means a temporary or permanent, paid or honorary activity, performed by a natural person in the name of a Party or in the service of a Party, such as procurement, at the central level of government; and

public official means an official or employee of a Party at the central level of government, whether appointed or elected.

Article 20.8: Statement of Principles

The Parties affirm their resolve to prevent and combat bribery and corruption in international trade and investment.

Article 20.9: Anti-Corruption Measures

1. Each Party shall adopt or maintain the necessary legislative or other measures to establish, in matters affecting international trade or investment, as criminal offences under its law when committed intentionally:

2.Each Party shall take any measures necessary to establish its jurisdiction over the offences referred to in paragraph 1 that are committed in its territory.

3.Each Party shall adopt or maintain penalties and procedures to enforce the criminal measures that it adopts or maintains in conformity with paragraph 1.

4.If, under the legal system of a Party, enterprises cannot be held criminally liable, the Party shall ensure that enterprises are subject to effective, proportionate, and dissuasive non-criminal sanctions for the offenses described in paragraph 1.

5.Each Party shall endeavour to adopt or maintain measures to protect a person who, in good faith, reports an act described in paragraph 1.

Article 20.10: Cooperation in International Fora

The Parties recognize the importance of regional and multilateral initiatives to prevent and combat bribery and corruption in international trade and investment. The Parties agree to work together to advance efforts in regional and multilateral fora to prevent and combat bribery and corruption in international trade and investment, and to encourage and support appropriate initiatives.

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