Consolidated TPP Text – Annex II – Explanatory Notes

1. The Schedule of a Party to this Annex sets out, pursuant to Article 9.12 (Non-Conforming Measures) and Article 10.7 (Non-Conforming Measures), the specific sectors, subsectors or activities for which that Party may maintain existing, or adopt new or more restrictive, measures that do not conform with obligations imposed by:

2. Each Schedule entry sets out the following elements:

3. In accordance with Article 9.12.2 (Non-Conforming Measures) and Article 10.7.2 (Non-Conforming Measures), the articles of this Agreement specified in the Obligations Concerned element of an entry do not apply to the sectors, subsectors and activities identified in the Description element of that entry.

4. With respect to Annex II entries on Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment relating to bilateral or multilateral international agreements, the absence of language regarding the scope of the reservation for differential treatment resulting from an amendment of those bilateral or multilateral international agreements in force or signed prior to the date of entry into force of this Agreement is without prejudice to each Party’s respective interpretation of the scope of that reservation.

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