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Text of the 2017 Canada–Ukraine Free Trade Agreement – Chapter 18: Exceptions

The 2017 CUFTA will remain in force until entry into force of the 2023 modernized agreement.

Article 18.1: Definitions

For the purposes of this Chapter:

competition authority means:

designated authority means:

information protected under its competition laws means:

person engaged in a cultural industry means a person engaged in any of the following activities:

tax convention means a convention for the avoidance of double taxation or other international taxation agreement or arrangement; and

tax and taxation measure do not include:

Article 18.2: General Exceptions

For the purposes of Chapter 2 (National Treatment and Market Access), Chapter 3 (Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures), Chapter 4 (Trade Facilitation), Chapter 5 (Emergency Action), Chapter 6 (Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures), Chapter 7 (Technical Barriers to Trade), and Chapter 8 (Electronic Commerce), GATT 1994 Article XX is incorporated into this Agreement. The Parties understand that the measures referred to in GATT 1994 Article XX (b) include environmental measures necessary to protect human, animal or plant life or health. The Parties further understand that GATT 1994 Article XX (g) applies to measures for the conservation of living and non-living exhaustible natural resources.

Article 18.3: National Security

This Agreement does not:

Article 18.4: Taxation

1. Except as set out in this Article, this Agreement does not apply to a taxation measure.

2. This Agreement does not affect the rights and obligations of a Party under a tax convention. In the event of any inconsistency between this Agreement and a tax convention, the tax convention prevails.

3. If a provision with respect to a taxation measure under this Agreement is similar to a provision under a tax convention, the competent authorities identified in the tax convention shall use the procedural provisions of that tax convention to resolve an issue that may arise under this Agreement.

4. Notwithstanding paragraphs 2 and 3:

5. In order to give effect to paragraphs 1 to 3:

6. The designated authorities seized of an issue under paragraph 5 may modify the time period allowed to decide the issue.

7. This Agreement does not require a Party to furnish or allow access to information the disclosure of which would be contrary to that Party’s law protecting information concerning the taxation affairs of a taxpayer.

Article 18.5: Disclosure of Information

1. This Agreement does not require a Party to furnish or allow access to information that if disclosed would impede law enforcement, or would be contrary to the Party’s law protecting the deliberative and policy-making processes of the executive branch of government at the cabinet level, personal privacy or the financial affairs and accounts of individual customers of financial institutions.

2. In the course of a dispute settlement procedure under this Agreement:

Article 18.6: Cultural Industries

This Agreement does not apply to a measure adopted or maintained by a Party with respect to a person engaged in a cultural industry except as specifically provided in Article 2.4 (Tariff Elimination on Imports).

Article 18.7: World Trade Organization Waivers

If a right or obligation in this Agreement duplicates a right or obligation under the WTO Agreement, a measure adopted by a Party in conformity with a waiver decision adopted by the WTO pursuant to Article IX of the WTO Agreement is deemed to be also in conformity with this Agreement.

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