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Chapter 24: Trade and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – Text of the 2023 Canada - Ukraine Free Trade Agreement

The 2017 CUFTA will remain in force until entry into force of the 2023 modernized agreement. Until such time, please refer to the 2017 CUFTA text for information on the existing trade agreement between Canada and Ukraine.

Article 24.1: General Provisions

1. The Parties recognize the participation of SMEs in domestic markets, as well as in international trade and investment, and their contribution in achieving inclusive economic growth, sustainable development, and enhanced productivity, and acknowledge the importance of promoting an environment that facilitates and supports the development, growth, and competitiveness of SMEs.

2. The Parties recognize the fundamental role of SMEs in creating and maintaining dynamism and enhancing competitiveness of the economies of the Parties. Accordingly, each Party shall endeavor to develop and promote cooperation on SMEs, with the purpose of contributing to the expansion, diversification, and deepening of economic and commercial ties between the Parties.

3. The Parties recognize that improving the ability of SMEs to participate in trade and investment will enhance their competitiveness. Accordingly, each Party shall endeavor to the extent possible to identify and as appropriate remove barriers to international trade and investment for SMEs.

4. The Parties recognize the importance of innovation for SMEs' competitiveness. Accordingly, each Party shall endeavor to enhance SMEs' access to information, financing, and networking to facilitate the innovation of SMEs.

5. Each Party shall take into account that SMEs may require support when enhancing the growth, competitiveness, and access of SMEs to international trade and investment.

6. Each Party may encourage SMEs operating within its territory or subject to its jurisdiction to observe internationally recognized standards, guidelines, and principles of responsible business conduct (RBC), as appropriate.

7. The Parties recognize the importance of current initiatives on SMEs developed under relevant forums, and the importance of taking into account their findings and recommendations, as appropriate.

Article 24.2: Information Sharing

1. Each Party shall make available, and update to the extent possible and as appropriate, information regarding this Agreement through a digital medium, including:

2. Each Party shall include links to:

3. The information described in paragraph 2(b) may include:

4. Each Party shall ensure that the information referred to in this Article is accessible within the timeframe decided by the Parties.

5. Each Party, as appropriate, shall ensure the information referred to in this Article is available in its own official language(s).

Article 24.3: Cooperation activities on SMEs

1. The Parties recognize the importance of cooperation activities between the Parties to support the objectives of this Chapter.

2. The Parties shall endeavour to involve the private sector and SME-related support agencies in the development and implementation of these activities, as appropriate.

3. The Parties shall collaborate to identify and as appropriate remove barriers to international trade for SMEs, support productive sectors in which SMEs operate, and promote the growth and creation of higher paying, more productive jobs by SMEs.

4. Cooperation activities may include:

5. The Parties may endeavor to collaborate within existing international forums to promote and advance the interests of SMEs and their participation in international trade and investment.

Article 24.4: Committee on SMEs

1. The Parties hereby establish a Committee on SMEs (hereafter the "Committee"), composed of representatives from each Party.

2. The Committee shall:

3. The Committee shall meet as mutually decided by the Parties. Committee meetings may be held in person, by videoconference, by telephone, or by other means.

4. The Committee may seek to collaborate with appropriate experts, international donor organizations, SMEs, including workers, and business advocacy representatives and associations, in developing and carrying out its programs and activities.

Article 24.5: Non-Application of Dispute Settlement

A Party shall not have recourse to dispute settlement under Chapter 28 (Dispute Settlement) for any matter arising under this Chapter.

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