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Conditionally Repayable Contributions Pilot

In fiscal year 2021 to 2022, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) launched a 5-year pilot program—the Conditionally Repayable Contributions (CRC) Pilot —to support GAC’s current commitments to help mobilize additional private sector investment to advance the objectives of Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The CRC Pilot enables the strategic use of public funds to encourage additional investment in Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible countries, and/or sectors in these countries, that are deemed too risky by domestic and international finance providers. The Pilot is initially focused on eligible projects with loan portfolios and/or loan portfolio guarantee funds. These activities are generally not eligible for GAC’s funding through regular grants or non-repayable contributions.

The Pilot will support a limited number of projects initially and expand over time during the 5-year period.

You may wish to visit this web page on a regular basis, as the Pilot will evolve based on its experimentation and learning.

Eligibility criteria

GAC is currently considering projects for inclusion in the CRC Pilot that meet the following criteria:

The proposal should also demonstrate how the project aligns with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Blended Finance Principles.

How to submit a CRC proposal

Apply for funding through an unsolicited proposal on the Partners@International portal. For more information on how GAC assesses projects for the CRC Pilot, see Apply for funding through an unsolicited proposal regularly and, more specifically, the section on innovative finance.


If you have specific questions on the requirements for the Pilot, please contact

Please note that we will not provide feedback on specific proposals.

Frequently asked questions: Conditionally Repayable Contributions Pilot

  1. Can GAC provide funding for innovative finance projects such as loan funds or loan portfolio funded guarantee funds through a regular or non-repayable contribution?

    Under its authorities, GAC can only support these activities through a repayable contribution, including under the CRC Pilot. Exceptions may be made if:

    • The value of the proposed innovative finance project component to be funded by GAC is less than $100,000
    • The applicant is fully financing this project component (the cost-share eligibility of this contribution would be confirmed by GAC)
    • Subject to GAC’s review and approval, the project applicant or the intermediary is a local cooperative or a local government agency; the contribution is intended to revolve for the same purpose and the benefits accrue broadly to the ultimate recipients
  2. Can GAC fund a project with a CRC component that has a duration of more than 5 years?

    Yes, GAC may fund innovative development finance projects with durations of over 5 years, as required. For example, this longer duration would account for loan repayment and collection activities by financial intermediaries.

    For greater clarity, the length of the (5-year) pilot program refers only to the period during which GAC will enter into CRC agreements under the pilot program, and does not limit the duration of a project.

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