Calls for international development projects

The current and upcoming calls are based on the information available at the date of publication and is subject to change. Circumstances in the host country, crises (including but not limited to security, pandemics, and natural disasters), the availability of funds assessed closer to launch dates or other such matters may all require changes to planned calls. No payment will be made for costs incurred for the preparation and submission of an application. Global Affairs Canada may cancel a call at any time. Please verify individual call requirements, including full details on eligibility, on the call page when it is launched, and be sure to follow the instructions on that page.

To help you plan, consult How to apply for funding through a call.

The upcoming calls will be updated approximately twice a year. Sign up to the RSS feed for update notifications.

Current and upcoming calls

Period: June 2021 to March 2022

CallsLaunch statusApplication closing dateGeographic focusOrganization eligibility


Closed calls

CallsApplication closing dateResults
Support to Inclusive Governance in Ukraine2021-11-18N/A
Development Impact Window—Canadian Small and Medium Organizations for Impact and Innovation2021-09-22N/A
Call for Concept Notes - Education for Refugee and Displaced Children and Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa2021-04-14N/A
Call for Concept Notes – Canadian International Development Scholarships Program 2021-20292020-11-19N/A
Call for proposals – Health and Rights for Women, Adolescent girls and Children2019-10-10N/A
2019 Call for Concept Notes - Development Impact Window - Canadian Small and Medium Organizations for Impact and Innovation2019-07-10Selected Projects
Expressions of Interest (EoI) for the Partnership for Gender Equality2019-01-31N/A
Call for proposals – Volunteer Cooperation Program2019-02-20Volunteer Cooperation Program (VCP)
Call for proposals – Dismantling Barriers and Improving the Quality of Education for Women and Girls in Fragile, Conflict and Crisis Situations2019-02-13Canada announces support to improve access to quality education for women and girls in fragile, conflict and crisis situations

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