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Addressing the root causes of irregular migration through economic empowerment in Honduras

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This Call has a 2-stage application process.

To be considered for funding:

This Call is up to $17.5 million over 5 years. We may fund up to 3 proposals or none, up to the maximum funding available.
This Call supports the North American Leaders' Summit Action Plan. In it, Canada pledged (along with the United States and Mexico) to:

As part of this pledge, this Call complements the Sembrando Oportunidades bilateral development framework. It is a product of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AMEXCID). The framework, coordinates development resources and expertise. This supports citizens of northern Central America in building prosperous futures in their home communities. This Call would complement existing Sembrando Oportunidades programming. That programme focuses on increasing the economic prosperity of smallholder farmers and youth workforce development. The decision to migrate is often complex. A lack of economic opportunities is often one of the primary drivers of migration in Honduras.

If you apply in consortium with other organizations that would co-sign the funding agreement, make sure to register each organization in Partners@International and upload all required documents. See details under “Organization eligibility”.

We will not accept any late submissions. We urge you to submit your application at least 3 working days before the deadline. This way unforeseen obstacles shouldn't stop you from applying.


The Call aims to support the efforts of organizations registered in Canada and Indigenous organizations in Canada to:

Proposed projects must at minimum meet the criteria for a project that fully integrates gender equality (minimum GE2 – fully integrated). This means that the project has at least one intermediate outcome that will achieve observable changes in behaviour, practice, or performance that will contribute to gender equality.

Expected ultimate outcomes

Under this call, your proposed project must contribute to the achievement of this ultimate outcome:

Your proposed project must also contribute to at least one of the following intermediate outcomes, but no more than three:

Your ultimate and intermediate level outcome statements should appear in ALL CAPS in the Solution section of the concept note template. Concepts must specify expected ultimate and intermediate project outcomes, that align with the Call’s expected intermediate and ultimate outcomes.

The project’s ultimate and intermediate expected outcome statements must be supported by evidence documented in the analysis of the proposed project’s context and reality. The statements must specify:

To help ensure concepts and outcome statements respect Global Affairs Canada (GAC) standards, please refer to the following references:

Outcome statements must be tailored to the proposed project objectives. Do not use generic outcome statements as-is, without adapting them to the reality of the proposed projects.

Environmental Sustainability: Indicate clearly how the project integrates environmental sustainability and climate resilience in planned project activities, budget and outcomes.

Organization eligibility

Concept notes must show that the proposed implementing organization meets all these eligibility screening requirements:

Past project examples used must include a minimum of three years of programming in the Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) region (with preference given to recent experience in Honduras). The past project examples used must be valued at $5M or more, with a duration of five years or more.

If your organization is submitting a concept note with other organizations, each organization co-signing the funding agreement must meet these eligibility requirements and provide documents that show their eligibility.

Applicants unable to fulfill the above requirements are not eligible to apply under this Call.

Project eligibility

Carefully review the parameters of this call and judge whether your project idea will fit. We will not respond to questions about the eligibility of your project idea. You must be able to answer “yes” to all the following statements for your application to be considered for funding under this call:

Additional guidance

GAC seeks to fund a diversified portfolio of projects. Preference may be given to applications that address the following:

Partnerships and Consortiums

In arrangements where only the applicant or lead applicant (one organization) will sign the funding agreement with Global Affairs Canada (should one be offered), the legal entity which is the applicant/lead applicant must meet all eligibility requirements by themselves and provide required documents and demonstrate organization experience applicable to only themselves.

In cases where applicants are applying in a consortium wherein both or all members of the consortium will be signatories to the funding agreement with Global Affairs Canada (should funding be offered), each member of the consortium must meet all of the organization eligibility requirements independently although the experience provided in section 3 of the concept note may be supplied by any signatory. Financial statements from the last two years but providing information which will allow for an analysis covering the last three years, must be submitted for each signatory. Each signatory must also submit a completed and signed Organization Attestation. Each signatory is jointly and severally responsible for meeting the obligations of the funding agreement with Global Affairs Canada (should one be offered).

In either case, non-signatory partners are not required to meet the eligibility requirements of this call.

Please note that your organization may only apply to this call once as an applicant/signatory. If more than one application is received identifying the same organization as a signatory, only the first submitted (as identified by the date/timestamp in the Partners@International) will be assessed in this process.

How we assess your application

Concept notes submitted under this Call will first undergo an eligibility check to verify that they meet all organization eligibility requirements and required project parameters identified on this Call page.

Next, eligible concept notes will be assessed to ensure that applicant organizations demonstrate the required project experience. Concept notes that do not meet all organization eligibility requirements, or demonstrate required project parameters or project experience, will not be further assessed. You will be notified if your organization is found to be ineligible or if it does not meet the project experience requirements.

Early notification of compliance pilot project: Organizations that submit their application by Wednesday 12:00 p.m. (noon) EST April 17, 2024 will be informed of the results shortly after submitting their application regarding their compliance with the minimum requirements of the call (eligibility).

Finally, applications that meet all of the above requirements will be assessed, based on how well their concept note addresses the following 3 core components:

  1. Development challenge
    Briefly describe the development challenge your proposed project will address, in relation to the objectives of the Call that you are applying to.
  2. Solution
    Briefly describe how your proposed solution presents a logical and realistic way to sustainably address the development challenge(s) identified. 

A limited number of applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal based on the concept note. The timeline given for submission of full proposals will be approximately eight weeks.

Available resources

Before applicants begin their application, GAC encourages them to review the many online resources that may be helpful.

How to submit your application package

In order for your concept note to be considered in this Call, you must submit your complete application package in the Partners@International portal before 12 p.m. (noon) EST, April 24, 2024. Applications will not be accepted after that time.

Your application package must include all of the following documents:

Accessing and using PDF forms

Use only Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Edge to work on the standardized PDFs to be submitted with your application package. If you use other software, the data you enter may not appear once submitted to the department, and the application will be considered ineligible. If you are having difficulty downloading the concept note form, see GAC’s Help for alternative formats for guidance. Once downloaded, open the form directly in Adobe Reader only. Other software installed on your computer may try (and fail) to open the form using your default settings.

Questions on using Partners@International

Read and follow the instructions carefully on using the portal Partners@International (linked on the right side menu). Do not open multiple windows in the portal as technical problems may occur.

If your organization is not already registered in the portal, you must do so in advance in order to submit a concept note. Do not try to register in the portal or upload documents at the last minute as this may have an impact on your ability to meet the deadline for submitting a concept note.

It may take 10 or more business days to verify the information provided in the registration request. If you encounter technical difficulties while registering or trying to submit a concept note, send an email to During the last 2 weeks before a Call closes, it can take up to 3 business days to reply to your enquiry. Technical support for Partners@International is available between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday.

Questions specific to this call

If you have any questions about this Call after reading the questions and answers about applying for funding, please email them to by Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 12:00 p.m. (noon) EST. GAC will not respond to enquiries received after this date, nor will it respond to questions about an organization’s particular circumstances or project ideas. Applicants who submit questions will not receive responses by email. All answers will be posted instead on the Questions and Answers page of this call so that all applicants have access to the same information simultaneously.

Steps for this call 

  1. Call for Concept notes (Completed)
    • Open for submission of concept notes
    • Early submissions pilot deadline (12:00 p.m. (noon) EST, April 17, 2024)
    • Application deadline (12:00 p.m. (noon) EST, April 24, 2024)
  2. Concept note assessment (In progress)
    • Organizational and project eligibility assessment
    • Merit assessment 
  3. Full proposals (Not started)
    • Invitation to submit full proposals 
    • Full proposal assessment
  4. Funding decision (Not started)
    • Funding decision and notification of applicants
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