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Update for Canada’s international development sector: Progress of COVID-19 Dialogue and Solutions Groups during the pandemic

The Government of Canada recognizes that the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic presents unique challenges for Canadian international development partners. We are committed to sharing information, resources and support with our partners to help them navigate the way forward during this uncertain time.

Since the situation both in Canada and around the world is evolving, partners should consult this page on a regular basis for updated and new information.

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Repatriation of project employees and their families, volunteers and interns

We appreciate our partners’ efforts to continue to deliver international development assistance where possible. We also recognize that many project activities and events will need to be cancelled due to travel restrictions and the need for self-isolation.

Where possible, partners are responsible for coordinating the immediate repatriation of their employees and their families, volunteers and interns to their home countries.

Global Affairs Canada has issued Guidance on eligibility of COVID-19 potential costs to provide clarity to international development partners on eligible expenses, including those related to repatriation. To help bring Canadians home, the Government of Canada has also created the COVID-19 Emergency Loan Program for Canadians Abroad.

Many countries have issued travel bans, restricted flights and closed borders. We are working with airlines and foreign governments to facilitate access to commercial flights for Canadians abroad trying to come home. However, although we are doing all we can for these individuals, some may need to stay where they are.

Please ensure that all internationally based Canadian employees are signed up for our Registration of Canadians abroad and that their contact information is accurate. This will allow our consular officials to communicate more effectively with them.

Measures to support international development partners

For a detailed outline of eligible expenses, please review the Guidance on eligibility of COVID-19 potential costs.

For projects funded by Global Affairs Canada’s International Development Assistance Program, the department will cover the reimbursement of expenses related to:

In addition to this financial support, Global Affairs Canada will also delay deadlines for the following:

For more information, please contact your Global Affairs Canada project management team.

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