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Advancing democracy in the world

Learn how Canada advances democracy through foreign policy and international development assistance.

Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance Policy

The policy on Civil Society Partnerships for International Assistance sets out our approach to enhance effective cooperation with Canadian, international and local civil society organizations.

Rule of law

The Rule of law provides a level playing field to support poverty reduction.

Inclusion of marginalized people

An inclusive society empowers marginalized individuals and supports sustainable development.

Public service delivery

Inequality, lack of transparency and corruption lead to poor service delivery.

Anti-corruption in developing countries

Corruption decreases the amount of money that can be used to reduce poverty and promote economic growth.

Public financial management

Public financial management underlies all government activity and incorporates all components of a country's budget.

Governance of the natural resource sector

How Canada is helping developing countries manage various aspects of their natural resource sectors.

Inclusion and respect for diversity

Canada promotes inclusion and respect for diversity as a proven path to peace and prosperity.

Rapid Response Mechanism Canada - Protecting Democracy

Learn how Canada is protecting democracy from foreign threats.

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