Governance of the natural resource sector

Advancing sustainable development through responsible resource management

Developing countries often face serious challenges in managing their natural resources. Through international development programming in this area we seek to:

If managed effectively, the extractive sector in resource-rich developing countries has the potential to:

International assistance programming

Canada works with resource-rich developing countries to:

Build resource governance capacity

Canada works to assist governments to establish and implement policies and regulations to responsibly and sustainably manage mining and the extraction of natural resources.

Grow businesses and local economic development

We help local businesses provide services in support of the extractive sector, specifically in the areas of:

This is done in part by facilitating partnerships. We also promote initiatives that reduce economic barriers for women to access employment in and around the extractive sector.

Enable communities to maximize benefits from the extractive sector

We provide support to address socio-economic challenges through training and teach communities how:

This increases the employment opportunities for men, women, and youth.

Advance international standards and guidelines

Canada works to advance international standards and guidelines to improve performance by all actors involved in the extractive sector. This is being partly achieved through such platforms as:

Multi-country program focusses on extractive-related development

The Extractives Cooperation for Enhanced Economic Development (EXCEED) is a new multi-country geographic program.

The program is focused on extractives-related development assistance. It addresses the effect of the extractives sector to the socio-economic wellbeing of African women, men and youth.

It seeks to both:

This program includes building the capacity of African governments and organizations to maximize the benefits of their own resource wealth.

For example, EXCEED is funding the African Legal Support Facility to provide legal advice and capacity-building assistance to African governments. This helps to negotiate complex contracts and legal frameworks in the extractive sector.

Projects and initiatives around the globe

Canadian development assistance related to natural resource management focuses on select regions around the globe. These are areas where goals and/or local populations have identified the sector as a priority.  Examples include:

The Andean regional initiative: Peru, Bolivia and Colombia








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