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Vivo Team taps people-performance data to improve workplace soft skills


Let’s say you walk into a silent office and see sidelong glances and closed doors. These could be signs of a workplace in need of Vivo Team.

Vivo Team’s General Manager, Erin Berube, says the Vancouver-based company uses people-performance data and analytics to identify problem areas and provide solutions for costly dysfunction and disengagement at work.

“The fallout from disengagement can cost companies a lot of money,” says Berube. “You can tell it’s bad if people keep their doors closed or gossip a lot and talk behind each other’s backs. If a workplace like this is left unchecked, it can lead to a higher level of stress leave, turnover and instability.”

CEO Renée Safrata pitching Vivo Team services

It may not always be that dramatic, but Berube says analytics help them target problem areas. The company uses hard data to improve soft skills, which, in turn, creates dynamic results for companies.

These analytics allow Vivo Team to see where soft skills need to be developed in the least disruptive way. Among six key indicators of highly functioning teams, Berube says communication is the most common area of breakdown.

A lot of what we do is work with leaders, and frequently, we see in the data a lack of awareness on the leader’s part of the impact they were having on the team.

Erin Berube, Vivo Team’s General Manager

Extensive data and their broad knowledge of analytics allow Vivo Team to be effective across the board.

“We are not industry specific,” says Berube. “We focus on companies in high growth periods in multiple locations. We can operate as if we were face-to-face, but are online without the expense of having to travel.”

Most of Vivo Team's outreach is aimed at North America, but the company is interested in the new market possibilities arising from Canada’s free trade deals, such as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with the European Union.

“CETA offers even more access to our demographic target,” says Berube. “Our business is very transferable, and that is really how we are able to scale and grow.”

And what does a happy office look and sound like?

“Laughter in the boardroom is a good sign you have a healthy company and a healthy team and people are listening when someone else is talking,” says Berube. “These are key elements of effective communications: you know you’re in the presence of a team with high psychological safety, high productivity, where everyone has a role and all wheels are going in the same direction and things happen seamlessly.”

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