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Creating better learning environments for children with disabilities in Jordan

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Country: Jordan © Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Nine months ago, Mohammad was attending a school where he felt like an outsider. He was often bullied and treated differently because he has a disability that affects his mobility, along with special learning needs. Seeing his distress, Mohammad’s parents decided to transfer him to Al Qadi Eyas School for Boys.

The Al Qadi Eyas School for Boys is one of the schools that has benefited from the Improving Learning Environments for Children (ILEC) project funded by GAC.

“I love this school because I feel welcome here,” Mohammad says.

In Jordan, children with disabilities face numerous barriers to enrolment and participation in public education. Many schools lack the infrastructure and resources to accommodate the needs of diverse learners. This leads to high dropout rates among children with disabilities.

The ILEC project aims to create inclusive learning environments that benefit children with disabilities. At Al Qadi Eyas School for Boys the ILEC team recently constructed a wheelchair-accessible bathroom. Now, for the first time, Mohammad has access to safe and clean sanitation facilities at school. “It was hard at my old school because there was no bathroom I could use. Now, I use the bathroom whenever I need to,” he says. “I feel much more comfortable at school.”

The project also provides teacher training on inclusive education practices. Principal Musa Hadlol says he has already seen the impact of his staff. “There has been a real change in our school this year,” he remarks. “The quality of education has improved and students feel supported by their teachers. This has reduced violence in the school, which has increased student attendance.”

Watch the movie about the improvements one school was able to make through the project.

Project profile — Improved Learning Environment for Children

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