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Providing a voice for diversity in Honduras

A dozen people are gathered around a water hand-pump

Country: Honduras © Global Affairs Canada (Embassy of Canada to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras)

“We are not demanding new or special rights for people who identify as LGBT. We are just asking for the rights of all people to be respected.”

Stated Esdra Sosa, director of the Asociación LGBTQ2I Arcoiri, during the launch of the documentary We are. Voices of diversity (Somos. Voces de la diversidad).

The film was part of a project funded through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI). As the number of violent attacks against LGBTQ2I citizens in Honduras remains high, this project aims to increase visibility of the risks facing these populations, specifically those of human-rights defenders in Honduras. The goal is to increase their legitimacy and safety in the lead-up to the Universal Periodic Review for Honduras.

You can learn more about the LGBTQ2I human rights defenders whose voices are being amplified through this project by watching We are. Voices of Diversity.

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