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Supporting gender-inclusive municipal leadership in Tunisia

A dozen people are gathered around a water hand-pump

Country: Tunisia © FCM

The Program for Municipal Leadership Inclusive of Women (PMLIW) project, led by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, helps women who are active in local public life within the partner communities to develop their skills in key areas. As agents of change in their communities, these women implement initiatives to increase gender equality where they live.

Sarra Ben Nasr, 38, from the Hammam-Chatt community, is one of the women chosen to participate in the program. As a teacher with a PhD in biology, Sarra considers herself a leader in her community. She is a passionate advocate for environmental protection who encourages women to seize the opportunities available to them.

“The PMLIW helped me get my voice heard, whereas I couldn’t do it before. I now know how to get my ideas across and be persuasive. Every idea starts with a dream but if you don’t know how to explain your ideas, nobody will listen to you. Before, I would speak a lot but couldn’t organize my ideas”, she explains. “The PMLIW taught me how to organize my ideas, how to get them out and how to make sure they’re heard”, Sarra Ben Nasr explains.

Project profile — Program for Municipal Leadership Inclusive of Women in Tunisia

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