List of regional deans

This webpage lists the Regional Deans, including their respective Regional Group and Mission. Most recent date of change: December 11, 2017.

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps

Her Excellency Florence Zano CHIDEYA
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Dean of the African Group

His Excellency Simon Constant HORACE
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar

Dean of the Latin American Group

Her Excellency Sofia Lastenia CERRATO RODRIGUEZ
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Honduras

Dean of the Arab Group

His Excellency Naif Bandir A. ALSUDAIRY
Ambassador & Consul General, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Dean of the Asia-Pacific Group

Her Excellency Petronila GARCIA
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines

Dean of the CARICOM Group

His Excellency O. Andre Frantz LIAUTAUD
Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Haiti

Dean of the Europe Group

His Excellency Jose Fernando MOREIRA DA CUNHA 
Ambassador, Embassy of the Portuguese Republic

Commonwealth and Francophonie Groups

Dean of the Commonwealth Group

His Excellency Solomon Azoh-Mbi ANU'A-GHEYLE
High Commissioner, High Commission for the Republic of Cameroon

Coordinator of the Ambassadors and High Commissioners of the Francophonie Group

His Excellency Raoul Roger DELCORDE
Ambassador, Embassy of Belgium


For questions regarding this list, please contact the Office of Protocol of Canada, at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development. Telephone: 343-203-3009