Clarification of “operator” status under Notice 102 for the purposes of determining who may submit offers for logs (Section 4.3.(c))

This Notice outlines the factors relevant to determining who is an “operator” of a log processing facility that may submit offers for logs advertised on the Federal bi-weekly List.

Section 4.3(c) of Notice to Exporters Serial No. 102, states that “For the purposes of surplus testing, normally FTEAC will consider offers only from persons who are involved in log processing, that is, those persons who own or operate log processing facilities.”

To assist in the determination of whether a person operates a log processing facility the person should provide information respecting its operations; a person's information will remain under review and subject to verification to ensure that the person is an operator when it submits an offer.

A person who wishes to be considered as an operator of a log processing facility should submit the following information:

  1. Evidence that the person has an established log cutting relationship with an entity that includes a particular sawmill, maintenance and/or planer facilities (the sawmill);
  2. Evidence that the sawmill has endorsed the person as an independent purchaser of logs that will be processed in the sawmill;
  3. Confirmation from the sawmill that the person's operation will maintain employment in the sawmill; and
  4. Identification of the person's expected log processing volume at the sawmill.