Notice - Softwood Lumber Exports to the United States - Permit Requirements

Annex 5 - Applying for a Softwood Lumber Export Permit

Serial No. 143
Date: September 19, 2006

Export permits are issued by the Minister of International Trade and are delivered either through:

(a) the Export and Import Controls System (EICS) available to customs brokers in major centres throughout Canada; or

(b) the offices of the Export and Import Controls Bureau (EICB) in Ottawa.

What is required to apply for an export permit?

1. Applicants/exporters should submit a fully completed form EXT-1466-1 "Application for Permit to Export Softwood Lumber to the USA" to an on-line customs broker or to EICB.

2. The applicant/exporter must provide the issuing office of the export permit with the exporter's name, title, firm name, address, postal code, manufacturer’s business number issued by Canada Revenue Agency, EICB number and whether they represent a producer of softwood lumber products.

3. Applicants/Exporters who do not have an EICB company file number must contact the EICB office at 613-944-2168 or 1-877-808-8838, or by facsimile 613-995-5137 to make a request.

4. An export permit is required prior to every shipment of softwood lumber products to the United States.

5. Export permit fees are payable pursuant to the Export and Import Permits and Certificates Fees Order. A $9 fee will be levied for each permit where the export permit is delivered by a person who is not employed in the public service of Canada but who is authorized by the Minister to make the delivery. However, brokers with on-line privileges may charge more; brokers' fees may vary.

6. Export permits are issued with a validity period of 30 days.

Applications Not Using An On-Line Customs Broker

7. An exporter may submit a permit application to the Minister by mail or by facsimile. Where an exporter applies directly to EICB for an export permit they shall pay $14. Payment may accompany the application and be made by cheque or bank money order, payable to the "Receiver General for Canada"; by bank wire transfer; or by "Visa" or "Master Card", by providing card number, expiry date and name of card holder. Permits may then be mailed, held for pick-up or sent to the applicant by courier collect. The EICB will deliver the permits by the method selected by the exporter.

Presentation of Export Permits

Export permits are to be retained by the exporter or his agent Export permits for softwood lumber will not be required for presentation to Canada Customs officials at the time of shipment In addition to the entry and entry summary information required for importation to the United States, exporters will be required to furnish the export permit number and the original Maritime Lumber Bureau Certificate of Origin, if applicable, for each entry. U.S. Customs and Border Protection will require the transmission of the export permit number electronically and may request the export permit The record of permits issued will identify those shipments meeting the requirements of the Export and Import Permits Act.