Export Controls Online (NEXCOL)

Using Export Controls Online, exporters are able to submit applications for export permits and certificates, as well as request amendments. In addition, there are a number of other features available to Recognized Users, who may, for example, submit quarterly utilisation reports for military goods and print selected documents in their office.


Export Controls On-Line (NEXCOL) is a user-friendly, web-based application, available to all of our clients since March 31, 2006. Exporters are able to submit applications on-line for export permits and certificates, as well as request amendments. NEXCOL also offers the functionality to submit online quarterly utilization reports for military goods, as well as the ability to print selected permits in your office.

NEXCOL provides secure on-line access to Canadian exporters through the use of “Access Key” and the Government of Canada Secure Channel. The connection is fully encrypted from your computer to our server.

To gain access to NEXCOL, you must apply to become Recognized by NEXCOL, and you must obtain an Access Key.

Once your enrolment forms have been completed and mailed in, you can expect to shortly receive an email with a link and instructions for completing your enrolment and creating your Access Key login.

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There is no formal training for the NEXCOL application. The application is intuitive, and an electronic user guide is available within the software. Our Help Desk can assist:

NEXCOL Help Desk
1-613-944-1265 or 1-877-808-8838

Please send questions and/or comments on NEXCOL to the following address: