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Canada-Chad relations

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Bilateral relations

Canada and Chad established diplomatic relations in 1962, soon after the country gained its independence in 1960. Relations between both countries are progressively growing, in particular increased bilateral international assistance. Canada encourages Chad to make progress in its political transition towards a prompt return to democracy and constitutional order, to respect rule of law and fundamental freedoms and supports its efforts towards economic diversification.

The Embassy of Canada to Chad is resident in Yaoundé since September 2018, following the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, which was responsible for Chad from 2011 to 2018. Canada also has aConsulate in N'Djamena, Chad, led by an Honorary Consul.

From 1975 to 2014, Chad was represented in Canada by its embassy in Washington, USA. Chad opened its first embassy in Ottawa in February 2015 under his Excellency Mahamat Ali Adoum, Ambassador of Chad to Canada, accredited to Canada from June 2014 to May 2023. Chad also has an Honorary Consulate in Montreal.

Chad’s students in Canada

In 2022, 140 students had a valid permit to study in Canada.

Trade relations

In 2022, two-way merchandise trade between Canada and Chad reached $7.6million. Top Canadian merchandise exports to Chad included optical and medical equipment and accessories (80% of Cdn exports), then, electrical machinery, vehicles other than railway or tramway, aircraft, machinery and mechanical appliances, totaling $7.4 million. In 2022, Canadian imports from Chad totaled $144,402 and were mainly composed of gums, resins, nuclear reactors, machinery and mechanical appliances, aircraft and parts.

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Development and humanitarian assistance

Chad is facing interconnected humanitarian crises, due in part to growing insecurity in the Lake Province and the arrival of refugees from Cameroon, Central African Republic and Sudan. Prior to the onset of conflict in Sudan and the resulting population displacement, in 2023, 6.9 million people in Chad are in need of life-saving humanitarian assistance, including 583,356 refugees and 482,840 internally displaced persons.

Canada is the 5th largest bilateral Official Development Assistance (ODA) donor in the OECD to Chad. In 2021-2022, Canada's international assistance to Chad (all channels) amounted to $19.7 million.. In 2020, Canada announced a new bilateral development assistance program with Chad that will aim to improve the well-being of the Chadian population. The bilateral development program aims to build resilience and adaptation to climate change and conflict, growth that works for everyone and inclusive governance.

Canada’s provides humanitarian assistance to Chad through experienced humanitarian partners such as the Red Cross, the UN, and NGOs to support a gender-responsive multi-sectoral response to address the specific needs of crisis-affected populations. This includes providing food assistance, treatment for acute malnutrition and other critical health care, safe water and sanitation, as well as protection services.For more information on development projects with Chad, see the Project Browser.

Canada finances local projects through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, which is managed by the High Commission of Canada to Cameroon, in Yaoundé.

Canada continues to support regional and pan-African organizations with activities in Chad, and through regional programming in Africa in sectors such as economic development, food security, climate resilience and women’s empowerment. For instance, Chad benefits from Canada’s long-standing support to the African Union Commission, including efforts to advance the Women, Peace and Security Agenda. Chad also benefits from regional programming with the African Trade Policy Centre of the UN Economic Commission for Africa, which supports countries like Chad to increase trade with other African countries and implement the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Canada and Chad are both full members of the International Coalition for the Sahel and the Sahel Alliance.

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Partnerships and organizations

To develop effective responses to today’s most pressing global challenges, Canada and Chad work closely in multilateral fora, such as:

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