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Canada-Djibouti relations

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Bilateral relations

Canada established diplomatic relations with Djibouti in 1978 following its independence from France in 1977. The Embassy of Canada to Ethiopia, located in Addis Ababa, is responsible for relations with Djibouti. Canada also has an Honorary Consul in Djibouti City. The Permanent Mission of the Republic of Djibouti to the United Nations, in New York, is responsible for Djibouti’s relations with Canada.

Djibouti is the seat for the Secretariat of the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the regional development, peace and security forum.

Both Montréal and Ottawa are home to organized Djiboutian diaspora communities, and there is an active community of returned Djibouti-Canadians in Djibouti.

Trade relations

In 2021, the value of two-way merchandise trade totalled $5.3 million, consisting of $4.9 million in exports to, and $407,000 in imports from, Djibouti. Top Canadian merchandise exports to Djibouti included machinery and parts; airplanes, helicopters and parts; vehicles and parts; and electric machinery and parts. Top Canadian merchandise imports from Djibouti comprised mainly coffee, milling products, electric equipment and parts.

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In 2020-2021, Canada provided $5.6 million in international aid to Djibouti, mainly through multilateral organizations and humanitarian assistance. Djiboutian nationals benefit from access to the Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program, which supports eligible students from developing Francophonie countries pursuing educational programs in Canada. Canada was a major financial supporter of the World Food Programme for its establishment of the Humanitarian Logistics Hub in Djibouti, which enables faster, more cost-effective responses to humanitarian crises in the region. 

Canada funds gender-responsive humanitarian assistance in Djibouti, based on need. Canada channels this assistance through United Nations agencies, the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, and non-governmental organizations to provide food, safe water and sanitation, treatment for acute malnutrition and other healthcare, emergency shelter, livelihoods support, and protection to vulnerable populations. 

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Partnerships and organizations

To develop effective responses to today’s most pressing global challenges, Canada and Djibouti work closely in multilateral fora, such as:

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