Role of the Office of the Corporate Social Responsibility Counsellor

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We have a dual mandate to:

  • Advise extractive sector companies and other stakeholders on the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance standards and guidelines endorsed by the Government of Canada;
  • Review the CSR practices of Canadian extractive (mining, oil and gas) companies operating outside Canada

Companies and other stakeholders can seek our advice on implementing the CSR performance standards and guidelines endorsed by the Government of Canada (learn about the guidelines here). We also reach out to individuals and organizations to learn about their concerns.

If a concern or potential complaint involving a Canadian extractive operation abroad comes to our attention, we may reach out to the company and/or other stakeholders in an effort to intervene early and try to prevent a dispute from arising or escalating.

Learn more about our advisory mandate and early intervention.

We also provide a review and mediation process for Canadian extractive companies and project-affected stakeholders. The process allows companies and stakeholders to address complaints about project operations through structured dialogue. We work with all parties to assess the situation, foster dialogue and find solutions.

Individuals, groups or communities who believe they are affected by the activities of a Canadian extractive company operating abroad can submit a request to us for review and mediation.

Canadian extractive companies may also bring requests to the Office.

Learn more about our review mandate and the formal Review and Mediation Process.