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(Updated) Notice to Brokers using the Export Import Control System (EICS) - Final Reminder for Mandatory transition to the New Export Import Controls System

Serial No. 1058
Date: August 3, 2021

Legacy EICS will be decommissioned now on August 15, 2021, at 11:59pm ET, which means your current sign-in method will no longer work. You must receive new sign-in credentials and begin using New EICS before August 15 to avoid any interruptions to your ability to access the permit system. Follow the instructions below or contact us at NEICS/

On July 11, the Trade and Export Controls Bureau at Global Affairs Canada (GAC) launched an updated version of the Export Import Control System (EICS), New EICS.

To access the New Export Import Control System (New EICS), if you have not done so already, you must enrol to receive new individual log-in credentials. Your current company PKI certificated used to access Legacy EICS will no longer be valid as of August 15, at 11:59pm ET, when Legacy EICS system is decommissioned, and will be replaced by individual user access log-in credentials and new Web user interface.

If you have completed the enrolment and have started using New EICS, thank you and please ignore the following message.

If you have not completed the enrolment process, please follow the steps further below as soon as possible. The enrollment process takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

If you have completed the enrolment process but have not yet transitioned your operations to New EICS, we strongly recommend that you do so in order to avoid any disruption in services or your ability to access the permit system.

To facilitate your transition, New EICS is equipped with a Walk-Me tool and guide tips to help you navigate through the system. Although the look and feel is different, the permit process remains the same.

Process to follow to receive your new access log-in and instructions

Step 1: Designated Signing Officer (Primary Contact)

The Designated Signing Officer (Primary Contact) is a person attributed by the CEO/President that is authorized to sign for the company. This person, or an identified delegate, will be responsible to provide and maintain the New EICS authorized user list for the company.

To begin enrolment as the Designated Signing Officer, you must have your company’s EIPA number on hand and follow these instructions:

  1. Contact the EICS Help Desk by email to request your enrolment.
  2. Our technical team will provide you with an Enrolment Authorization Form to complete and return.
  3. Once your form has been verified, you will receive the Shared Secret key and instructions to complete your enrolment.

Step 2: Designated Signing Officer (Primary Contact)

Once the Designated Signing Officer (Primary Contact) has completed their enrolment, they must distribute the Shared Secret key and instructions provided by the technical support team to other authorized users in the company (using a secure method of their choosing). This information will be required for other users to obtain their unique log-in credentials and access the New EICS system.

Step 3: Additional Users

Additional users will have received the Shared Secret key from the Designated Signing Officer of the company and instructions on how to enrol.

Each individual user must follow the instructions provided to complete their enrolment and gain access to New EICS.

If you have questions about the enrolment process, please contact our technical support team at NEICS/

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