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Application instructions for WTO: Turkey and turkey products TRQ

Notice No.:  989
Date:  October 1, 2020

Applicants for a share of the turkey and turkey products tariff rate quota (TRQ) allocated to processors of products not on the Import Control List (ICL) should refer to Notice to Importers WTO: Turkey and Turkey Products TRQ - Serial No. 989 (Items 105 to 113 on the ICL).

Only federally registered processors are eligible to receive a share of the non-ICL portion of the turkey TRQ.

Note: The information provided will be used to assess eligibility for non-ICL quota. Without a competitive test product profile, the application will not be considered complete and cannot be processed.
The declaration in section 4 must be signed and dated by a representative of the company applying for the import allocation for products that are not on the ICL.

1. Company Profile

Applications must be in the format provided in tables 1 and 2 (a and b). Applications that are not in this exact format will be returned to the applicant upon receipt by Global Affairs Canada. Applications that are not in this format may be ruled ineligible for a share of the turkey and turkey products TRQ allocated to processors of products not on the ICL.

2. Production Data

Table 1
Canada Border Services Agency ruling on Specially Defined Mixtures required for CBSA file Number)Product NumberProduct DescriptionTotal Per Unit Weight (in grams)Poultry Per Unit (pre-processed weight) (in grams)Boneless or
BlendsNote * Total Grams per unit of White Meat Dark Meat (in grams)Poultry Type and sizeNote **Total Units Produced and Sold in the Reference PeriodTotal (kilograms) requested in eviscerated equivalent
F55566XYZ"Tastesgood" Turkey Kiev13045BonelessWhite Turkey Half Breast1,00089.5 (white)
White White
 Breast Meat
Breast Trim
1,00099.5 (white)
49.7 (white)
49.7 (dark)


Note *
 For blends, please indicate total grams per unit of white and total grams per unit of dark.

Note **
As per section 3 of the Notice, applicants are required to specify clearly the amount of “ground meat ”, “finely textured meat ” and  “trim meat” used in the production of non-ICL turkey products.

a. Using the above example, please provide a list of further processed turkey products that are not on the ICL manufactured by your company in the reference period.
b. For each product described, please provide information on:

Note: Companies must state whether they are producing the product at the time of application and that they intend to be active during the allocation year.

Companies must also state whether they are co-packing any products listed on the application. If so, please indicate the firm(s) and name the final co-packer prior to marketing. Only one firm can qualify for non-ICL TRQ per product.

Companies must support their claims of new products not previously approved by Global Affairs Canada with a ruling from Canada Border Services Agency determining whether their products are not on the ICL.

3. Product Profile

Table 2a - Product Profile
Canada Border Services Agency ruling on Non-ICL product (CBSA file number)Year of CBSA rulingProduct Name (Full name on label)Product Category (see list below)Product sold to consumer as Fresh (F) Frozen (Z)Shelf life of products (in months)
F999992009Turkey & rice soup(1)Z12
Table 2b - Imported Competitive Product
Name of finished imported productName of the manufacturer of the finished product and CtryWhere competitive product can be purchased (name of retail store or name of foodservice outlet)
Company A.
Store X
Turkey and rice soupCompany B.
Food-service Y

Using the above example, please provide the following information;

4. Declaration (to be signed by applicant)

I declare that the above information and the supplementary information attached is correct. I confirm that the nature of my business, such as the products produced or the status of the company, has not changed and I do not anticipate any changes in the coming year to the extent that such changes will materially alter the basis on which this application for an import allocation is made.

I am aware that this information will be used to assess my application for an import allocation and import permits. I understand that such information is subject to verification and that additional documentation may be requested. I agree to allow representatives from Global Affairs Canada access to any information on my company relating to this application for an import allocation, or to subsequent applications for, or the use of, import permits, that is in the files of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on the understanding that I will be informed of such requests for information.

I acknowledge that the Minister may require me to furnish, at my expense, laboratory test of the non-ICL products and an auditor's verification of this application. This requirement is set out in the Import Allocation Regulations.

I have listed any products that are co-packed with another firm. Only products that have been produced in Canada in plants which are owned and operated by my company have been included. I have also excluded all non-ICL products produced for the export market. I have not included production for which only packaging or assembling was performed.

I realize that the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) forbids transferring import permits to, or allowing import permits to be used by, any person not so authorized by or on behalf of the Minister without consent of the Minister. I realize that section 17 of the EIPA forbids anyone to furnish false or misleading information or to knowingly make any misrepresentation in any application in order to procure an import permit.

I or my trustee will inform Global Affairs Canada in writing if my firm has filed or is about to file for bankruptcy.


Name:_____________________________ Title:____________________________

Applicants must provide the following information if a consultant was hired to assist in the preparation of the above application.

Name of Consultant: ____________________________________________


City : __________________ Province : __________________ Postal Code : __________________

Telephone : __________________ Fax : __________________

Note: The information provided will be held in confidence and used for departmental purposes only.

Omission of any requested information or provision of false or misleading information may lead to disqualification and/or cancellation of import allocations.

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