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Global Trade and Gender ArrangementFootnote i

The ParticipantsFootnote ii have entered into the following Arrangement:

1. General Understandings

2. General Dispositions

3. International Instruments

4. Gender and Trade in Services

5. Gender and Responsible Business Conduct

Each Participant will encourage enterprises operating within its territory or subject to its jurisdiction to voluntarily incorporate into their internal policies those internationally recognised standards, guidelines, and principles that address gender equality that have been endorsed or are supported by that Participant.

6. Discrimination in the Workplace

7. Transparency

The Participants will share their respective experiences relating to policies and programmes to encourage women's full and equal participation in national and international economies through voluntary reporting during the WTO trade policy review mechanism as part of their National Reports.

8. Cooperation

9. Areas of Cooperation

10. Trade and Gender Working Group

11. Contact Points for Trade and Gender

12. Review

The Participants will consider, inter alia, opportunities to negotiate another legal form of this arrangement or a treaty-level instrument on trade and gender. The first periodic review of this arrangement will take place on a mutually determined basis no later than 3 years after it takes effect.

13. Additional Participants

14. Working Language

The Participants understand that the working language for this arrangement will be English.

15. Differences in interpretation and implementation

The Participants will resolve any differences on the interpretation or application of this Arrangement amicably and in good faith, taking into account the objectives of this Arrangement.

16. Final dispositions

Signed in triplicate, on August 5 of 2020, in the English, French and Spanish languages, each version being equally valid.

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