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Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) - Geographical indications Agenda – 26 November 2019

Meeting of Committee on Geographical indications


26 November 2019


  1. Opening Remarks and Adoption of the Agenda

EU Issues:

  1. Implementation of CETA: list of companies benefiting from grandfathering clause.
  2. Level of protection for EU wines and spirits vs. agricultural and food product GIs
  3. Enforcement of CETA provisions – Rules regarding illegal use of EU GI names in Canada.
    • 4.1 General enforcement issues
    • 4.2 Cheeses notably Parmesan and Asiago
    • 4.3 Wines – use of the term “Champagne”
    • 4.4 Use of terms “Irish Cream Liqueur”
    • 4.5 Use of the terms “Valpolicella” and “Amarone”
  4. Update of list of GIs wines and spirits (amendment of Annex III and Iv of the Wine and Spirits agreement
  5. Corrigendum
    • 6.1 Spanish PDO “Jabugo”- previous name Jamón de Huelva
    • 6.2 “Prosciutto San Daniele”
  6. Translation of GI names: exporters of “Foie Gras du Sud Ouest » have been required to translate the PGI into “Foie Gras South West”.

Bilateral Issues:

  1. Update on any pending requests for the registration of GIs from the other party

Canada Issues:

  1. Overview of recently announced EU-China 100-for-100 GI agreement
  2. Update on European commission infringement package in respect of GIs (Denmark, Bulgaria)
  3. Update on Italian investigations concerning GIs
  4. Update on process to reclassify GI territories in the EU
  5. Required information to enumerate EU “responsible authorities” for the CETA GIs
  6. Update on evaluation of the EU quality schemes
  7. Presentation on the European commission’s development and administration of EU quality schemes for use by stakeholders (logos for PDO, PGI, TSG)
  8. Process to apply for agricultural product and foodstuff GIs in the EU
  9. Latest developments on EU legislation on GIs
  10. Update by Canada: process to request GI protection in Canada
  11. Any Other Business
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