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Creating economic opportunities for Quebec

Quebec stands to benefit significantly from preferential access to the EU market. The EU is already Quebec’s second-largest export destination and second-largest trading partner. Once in force, CETA will eliminate tariffs on almost all of Quebec’s exports and provide access to new market opportunities in the EU. Exporters will also benefit from improved conditions for export. For example, CETA includes provisions that ease regulatory barriers, reinforce intellectual property rights and ensure more transparent rules for market access. CETA will provide Quebec exporters with a competitive advantage over exporters from other countries that do not have a free trade agreement with the EU.

Merchandise exports from Quebec to the EU (2011-2015) (value in billions of Canadian dollars)
Value in millions of Canadian dollars8.
Principal merchandise exports from Quebec to the EU, by sector (annual average, 2013-2015) (value in millions of Canadian dollars)
Advanced manufacturingMetals and mineral productsAgriculture and agri-foodOther (including fishing and fish products, chemicals and plastics, forest goods, information and communications technologies)
Value in millions of Canadian dollars2,967.02,240.2494.4915.0

Eliminating tariffs on exports

Opening new markets for service suppliers

Improving certainty for investments

Securing access to EU procurement opportunities

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