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Recommendation 003/2018 of 26 September 2018 of the CETA Joint Committee on Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)


Having regard to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada, of the one part, and the European Union and its Member States, of the other part (“the Parties”), and in particular Article 26.1.5.(f) thereof, with a view to increasing trade and investment opportunities for SMEs,


  1. The CETA Joint Committee recognises the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises including micro-sized enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "SMEs") in EU-Canada bilateral trade relations and provisions in CETA that are of particular benefit to SMEs. The CETA Joint Committee acknowledges the importance of promoting an environment that facilitates and supports the development, growth and competitiveness of SMEs and that enhances their ability to benefit from the opportunities created by CETA.
  2. The CETA Joint Committee recommends that each Party establish or maintain a publicly accessible website containing information regarding CETA, including: (a) the text of CETA with all annexes, tariff schedules and product-specific rules of origin; (b) a summary of CETA; and (c) information that each Party considers as useful for SMEs of both Parties.
  3. The CETA Joint Committee recommends that each Party include in the website provided for in paragraph 2. internet links to: (a) the equivalent website of the other Party; (b) websites of its government authorities and/or other appropriate entities that provide information useful to SMEs of the other Party; and (c) a database or published information that is electronically searchable by tariff nomenclature code which provides specific information on access to its market, import requirements and other information the Parties consider of assistance to SMEs.
  4. The CETA Joint Committee recommends that each Party promptly appoint an SMEs Contact Point on each side and notify the other Party of the contact details including information regarding the relevant officials.
  5. The CETA Joint Committee recommends that the SMEs Contact Points jointly:
    • (a) take into account SMEs needs in the implementation of CETA, exchange SMEs related information, and consider ways to increase trade and investment opportunities under CETA for all EU and Canadian SMEs, including SMEs owned by under-represented groupsFootnote 1;
    • (b) ensure that the information included in the website referred to in paragraphs 2 and 3 is up-to-date and relevant for SMEs, and recommend any additional information that the other Party's SMEs Contact Point may publish on its website;
    • (c) encourage, if appropriate, efforts of other bodies established under CETA to integrate SME-related considerations in their work;
    • (d) consider any other matter of interest to SMEs under CETA, as appropriate; and
    • (e) report periodically on their activities, including with respect to the implementation of this Recommendation and the SMEs related provisions within CETA, to the CETA Joint Committee, and make, as appropriate, suggestions for its consideration.
  6. The CETA Joint Committee recommends that SMEs Contact Points meet within the first year following the adoption of this Recommendation, and annually thereafter or as determined by the Parties, in person or by any other technological means available. They will carry out their work through appropriate communication channels.
  7. The CETA Joint Committee recommends that the SMEs Contact Points may seek to cooperate with experts, external organisations and SMEs stakeholders, as appropriate, in carrying out their activities.

Adopted at [__], [__] September 2018

For the CETA Joint Committee

On behalf of the EU

On behalf of Canada

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