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Text of the 2017 Canada–Ukraine Free Trade Agreement – Chapter 16: Administration of the agreement

The 2017 CUFTA will remain in force until entry into force of the 2023 modernized agreement.

Article 16.1: Joint Commission

1. The Parties hereby establish the Joint Commission, composed of representatives at the Ministerial level or their designees.

2. The Joint Commission shall:

3. The Joint Commission may:

4. At the Request of the Committee on the Environment established under Chapter 12 (Environment), the Joint Commission may revise Annex 1-A (Multilateral Environmental Agreements) to include other multilateral environmental agreements, or to remove a multilateral environmental agreement listed in that Annex.

5. The revisions referred to in subparagraph 3(d) and paragraph 4 shall be subject to the completion of any necessary legal procedures of either Party.

6. The Joint Commission may establish and delegate responsibilities to committees, subcommittees or working groups. Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, the committees, subcommittees and working groups shall work under a mandate recommended by the Agreement Coordinators referred to in Article 16.2 and approved by the Joint Commission.

7. The Joint Commission shall establish its rules and procedures. Decisions of the Commission shall be taken by mutual consent.

8. The Joint Commission shall convene once a year or upon the request in writing of either Party. Unless otherwise decided by the Parties, sessions of the Joint Commission shall be held alternately in the territory of each Party or by any technological means available.

Article 16.2: Agreement Coordinators

1. Each Party shall appoint an Agreement Coordinator and notify the other Party within 60 days following the entry into force of this Agreement.

2. The Agreement Coordinators shall jointly:

3. The Coordinators shall meet as often as required.

4. A Party may request in writing at any time that a special meeting of the Coordinators be held. This meeting shall take place within 30 days of receipt of the request by the other Party.

Annex 16-A: Committees, Subcommittees and Other Bodies

1. The Committees established are the:

2. The Subcommittees established are the:

3. Other bodies established are the:

4. Contact points are established by:

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