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Report to Parliament on the Government of Canada's International Assistance: Global Affairs Canada

The Official Development Assistance Accountability Act came into force on June 28, 2008. Its purpose is to ensure that all Canadian official development assistance (ODA) is focused on poverty reduction and is consistent with aid effectiveness principles and Canadian values. It applies to all federal departments and agencies that provide ODA.

For activities to be reported to Parliament as ODA, the Minister must be of the opinion that they meet three criteria set out in section 4.1 of the Act:

Assistance to alleviate the effects of a natural or artificial disaster or other emergency occurring in an ODA-eligible country is exempt from the three criteria.

Consultations on ODA with governments, international organizations and Canadian civil society organizations must take place at least once every two years.

The Act also requires that two annual reports be prepared. The Report to Parliament on the Government of Canada's Official Development Assistance, tabled in Parliament in the autumn by the Minister of International Development on behalf of the Government, provides a summary of activities undertaken under the Act. The Statistical Report on International Assistance is published by Global Affairs Canada in the spring.

Information for applicants

If you intend to apply for funding from Global Affairs Canada, please note that your application will be assessed against the criteria set out in section 4.1 of the Act. Guidance notes have been prepared to help you to understand how Global Affairs Canada will assess your initiative against these criteria.


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