Export permits for cryptographic items

Semi-annual Report Template

Exporters using a broadbased permit must, according to the terms and conditions for that permit, submit a report to the Export Controls Division twice a year. This is referred to as a semi-annual report.

The reports cover all of the final consignees to whom exports are executed under the authority of the applicable broadbased permit during the period from 1 January to 30 June or 1 July to 31 December of each calendar year. The reports must include the export permit application number, export permit number, export permit expiry date, final consignee name,final consignee address (street address, city, postal code, country) and product (as identified on the export permit, including product version identifier). Final consignees include those customers outside Canada (other than the United States) who receive electronic or other intangible transfers.

The following is a suggested report template:

Semi-annual report template - June 2011 (Doc Document, 13.7 KB)

The reports must be submitted by 31 July and 31 January respectively to the Export Controls Division, Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. Reports may be submitted either through EXCOL (Recognized Users may upload the report into the Documents list for the applicable export permit) or by email to tie.reception@international.gc.ca (email subject line should state “Semi-annual report for [reference identification number”).

In the case of a  broadbased permit subject to a shorter validity period, the report should follow the same format.