Bilateral and multilateral relations in international education

Global Affairs Canada is responsible for the conduct of Canada’s foreign policy and promoting national interests abroad. Global Affairs Canada works closely with the provinces and territories, which have exclusive legislative jurisdiction over education in Canada. The Department’s programs and activities in the area of international education foster Canadian interests worldwide in the areas of knowledge and learning, promote Canada as a study and research destination and facilitate mobility for foreign nationals and Canadians alike.

How we work with partners and stakeholders

    • Coordinate Canada’s participation in education-related international conferences and meetings and respond to multilateral issues in cooperation with the provincial and territorial Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC);
    • Provide leadership in Canada’s bilateral and multilateral relations in international education, including facilitating the establishment of bilateral and multilateral instruments of cooperation. Legally binding education-related instruments signed by Canada, for example, are searchable on the Canada Treaty Information website;
    • Collaborate with federal, provincial and territorial government departments and agencies, as well as associations and education institutions, with a view to aligning activities and achieving common objectives in partner countries, especially those representing a priority for Canada’s foreign policy and trade objectives.